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Wednesday, 16 April 2014 19:43

2.4mR Launch

Everyone gathered on Saturday 12th April, to celebrate the launch of the new 2.4mR. Donated by the Victoria Lodge, this single handed keel boat makes a handsome addition to our fleet.

Photo by John Hammond

Wednesday, 09 April 2014 16:44



Naming and launching of Hong Kong's 2.4mR entry in the FIRST Para Asian Games
dinghy racing event this October in Incheon, South Korea

The above photograph is of Mike Rawbone, Chairman of Sailability Hong Kong putting the 2.4mR dinghy (Victoria 1026 donated by the Victoria Masonic Lodge) through sea trials.

The naming and launching ceremony will be attended by Edmund Wong, Director of Sports, of Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the Physically Disabled.  Mr. Wong is former Head Fencing Coach and Sports Administration Manager of Hong Kong Sports Institute.

The HK$150,000 2.4mR dinghy has been donated to Sailability. Mr. Charles Doyle, former Master and present Charity Steward says: "To celebrate our 150th anniversary we decided to raise HK$1million for charities we annually support and also wanted to identify a charity in Hong Kong that we could support in a special way. Of several charities we chose Sailability.  It enabled Sailability to purchase a specially designed yacht for Hong Kong to compete in the Para Asian Games in Korea and other future international events."

Hebe Haven Yacht Club is at: 10.5 miles Hiram's Highway, Pak Sha Wan, Sai Kung, Hong Kong.


We are most grateful to Victoria Lodge for the donation of $150,000 which has enabled us to order the very first 2.4mR racing yacht in Hong Kong. This is one of the yachts we will be sailing in the Asian Para games in October this year, and is special in that it is scaled down version of an ocean going racing yacht and adapted to be sailed by one sailor with disabilities.

The yacht is currently at sea on its way to us from Finland and a formal launch is due to take place upon arrival.  More on this later.

Many thanks to all members of the Lodge for their generosity and support.



We are delighted and thrilled to announce that Operation Santa Claus 2013 have selected us as a beneficiary for this year.

We are very grateful for the support of the Hong Kong Sailing Community with the donation of our new Access 303 dinghies. In particular we would like to thank the general committee and members of ABC (Aberdeen Boat Club), HHYC (Hebe Haven Yacht Club) and RHKYC (Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club). With their generosity and support our journey towards representing Hong Kong in the Games is a step closer.

Monday, 02 September 2013 11:02

A big thank you to team danger's Fab 5!

Bathed in a gushing cascade of sunlit champers bubbles, Team Danger named, launched and presented Red Dragon to Sailability – an Access 303 dinghy the Team raised the funds to pay for.

Leader of the magnificent team of young ladies, Elena (Ellie) Houghton said: "We pulled all of our resources [together] and in true Hong Kong fashion we held a party!! With the help of many people (too many to mention them all) we held an Auction Night at Sam Chan's stunning house in mid-levels.

Our most sincere and grateful thanks go to the Dutch community for their donation of HK$127,346 to Sailability Hong Kong.

This very generous donation has enabled us to acquire our own safety boat (which will be delivered to us later in the year).  Fortunately, this substantial donation has left sufficient funds for us to purchase a 'person lift/hoist'. These lifts enable sailors with physical disabilities to get in / out of sailing dinghies  more easily.

Saturday, 01 June 2013 14:21

A Brief History of Sailability Hong Kong

Words by: Mike Rawbone

Sitting in the HHYC bar one evening in April 2009, the then Commodore of HHYC; Mark Houghton commented to me that HHYC should consider doing more for the local community and in particular, for those who had a disability "rather like the RYA does in the UK with their Sailability program" he suggested. Seeing the chance to start something new and really worthwhile at HHYC (and for that matter - in Hong Kong) I got Mark to pay for my bar bill and volunteered to give Sailability a go!

"What a thrill," gasped 20 year-old Cynthia Zhang Ying Chan, as she clambered ashore after her first trip at the helm of one of our Access 2.3 dinghies.  "It was so exciting I'll bring my younger sister next time, she said.

Cynthia, like her sister, is visually impaired.  They experience difficulty with distance seeing.  But under the expert guidance of Sailability volunteer Katrina, Cynthia was able to guide the dinghy from our HHYC pier out into the main Sai Kung channel and back again.

Monday, 06 May 2013 16:57

We Bring People Together

Sailability. A member of Wise Giving Hong Kong