Sailability Community

To celebrate our first ever crowdfunding event, we'd like to introduce you to our Sailability community. More videos will be uploaded through the duration of our 30 day campaign, so be sure to check back, and, if you're featured here, don't forget to send your video to your friends and family :-)





Richard - RHKYC

Alexander - Volunteer

Elberti - Volunteer

Ambrose - RHKYC

Josephine - Volunteer

Katrina - Volunteer

Mui - Volunteer

Virgile - Para Sailing Volunteer

John Ball - Volunteer

Donal - Volunteer

Sean - Saturday Sailing Dad

Steve - Volunteers Dad

Jackie - Founder

Andy - an original volunteer

Jake - Volunteer

Madeline - Volunteer

John - Volunteer

Karen - Volunteer

Ruth - Senior Dinghy Trainer

Daniel - Saturday Sailor

Wai - Para Sailing Bronze Medalist

Spirit of the Para Sailing Team